Five dominating Asian restaurants in Montreal

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A melting pot of cultures from around the world, Montreal takes its locals and visitors to a tour of the world through its excellent food scene. The Canadian city is home to many incredible Asian restaurants that stay true to their cultures and tastes. In this blog post, Montreal foodie Enrico Frank Andreoli shares five of the best Asian restaurants in Montreal.

Chu Chai is a Thai-vegetarian fusion restaurant headed by Chef Lily Sirikittikul. Since 1997, Chef Lily has been serving excellently cooked vegetables mixed with faux chicken, shrimp, beef, and curried duck, making it a top choice for vegetarians craving for some Thai goodness. Kyomi offers five-dollar starters, a tartar menu with stunning variety, and honors the beloved Montreal dining option of bringing your own wine. Patrons love Kyomi’s calamari, lobster rolls, and sunrise salad.

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Bombay Choupati serves South Indian dishes that are sure to make one’s mouth and belly want for more. Their samosas, dosas, pakoras, and Bombay bhel are crowd favorites. The road to Bombay Choupati can be tricky, but it’s always worth the trip. For foodies who love high-end sushi restaurants, Jun I must be on the top of their list. It serves the traditional variety of sushi while offering original creations.

Chao Phraya is the recipient of the 2014 Diner’s Choice Award, shares Enrico Frank Andreoli. Aptly named after Thailand’s major river, Chao Phraya in Montreal has been serving amazing Thai food since 1988. Their wait staff are patient in guiding diners through their extensive menu, making sure diners get what exactly what they’re looking for.

Smoked meat sandwich and other tasty Montreal treats

Anyone who’s ever been to Montreal knows just how marvelous the cuisine is of the majestic Canadian city. In fact, according to Montreal native Enrico Frank Andreoli people can spend months, even years, in Montreal and still not be able to sample all the best food the city has to offer.

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In this blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli shares his three favorite Montreal dishes, among hundreds.

Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions that if there’s one dish that visitors to Montreal should not miss, it’s Schwart’s Smoked Meat Sandwich. Schwartz’s smoked meat sandwich is as famous and iconic as any famous and iconic dish is to their hometown. It’s one of those very few dishes that people line up for almost every single day.

Next up, there is an establishment along Avenue du Mont-Royal O named Beauty’s with a dish called the Mish-Mash. This scrumptious omelet has hot dog, salami, green pepper, and fried onions that goes well with almost any side dish. And as a testament to its greatness, Mish-Mash has been a favorite of Montreal residents for over seven decades.

Enrico Frank Andreoli loves good rib-eye as much as the next meat lover. In Montreal, several establishments serve good rib-eye. However, there’s one that serves rib-eye that people will never forget – Moishes.

How to make a chicken sandwich, Montreal-style

According to Enrico Frank Andreoli, Montreal native and foodie, people in his hometown love their chicken as much as anyone else in the world.

For today, Enrico Frank Andreoli shares a recipe for a scrumptious fried chicken fillet sandwich akin to ones that can be found in Chick-fil-A.


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1. Gather the organic, skinless, and boneless chicken thighs and coleslaw.

2. Ingredients for the coleslaw are thinly sliced cabbage, 1/3 the amount of radicchio, and 1 to 2 carrots with the skin on.

3. In a small bowl, mix ¼ cup dark shoyu, ¼ cup mirin, 1 tsp sesame oil, and 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar. Stir everything together, adjust to one’s taste, and drizzle over the coleslaw. Mix it further.

4. Heat an oil like canola over medium-high heat.

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5. In a pan, spread the flour and then sprinkle in some sea salt, garlic powder, fresh cracked pepper, and a bit of milk.

6. In a separate baking dish, mix the eggs with the salt and pepper. Whisk the mixture.

7. Pat the chicken dry, drizzle salt and pepper on both sides before dipping every piece into the egg wash. Go to the flour mixture and coat the chicken evenly.

8. After the chicken is golden brown, it should be moved to a cooling rack.

9. When the chicken cools, put the Brioche in the toaster oven.

10. Now, work on this recipe’s amazing sauce using 1 part BBQ and 1 part honey mustard sauces. Put the sauce on the bottom, then the chicken, and the pickles on top.

Enrico Frank Andreoli says Bon Appetit!

Montreal eats: What is this must-try Greek delicacy?

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Almost everyone who’s eaten in a Greek restaurant in Montreal or anywhere else in the world knows there is a certain delicacy that the Mediterranean cuisine offers. Montreal-based foodie Enrico Frank Andreoli mentions that this delicacy is exquisite, common, and oh-so-simple. It is of course the dip.

Yes, nobody in the world makes dips quite like the Greeks.

With crushed garlic mixed in with a thick base of pureed potatoes, almonds, and walnuts, Greek dips usually have people drooling just at the sight of them. Some chefs even use stale bread to make the base even richer, after which it is then combined with olive oil and a little vinegar. Greek dip is perfect for veggies and lean meat.

Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal mentions other dips such as the almond butter banana with cocoa bits, a dip made for dessert that people typically find in Greek restaurants and various food establishments.

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The Greek dips have been used not just in Montreal and Greece but all over the world, as people love to add them in more food than just vegetables and lean meat. Enrico Frank Andreoli even goes so far as to say that Greek dips are probably in his top three dips again, not only in Montreal restaurants but everywhere else he’s dined.

Five of Montreal’s most amazing coffee shops

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The hunt for the finest cup of coffee never stops. With Canadian and American coffee chains set up on every corner, Montreal is easily a coffee center. The city offers the cream of the crop coffee, from drip to lattes, right from the busiest streets to quietest nooks.

Montreal-based foodie Enrico Frank Andreoli believes Café Olimpico is one of the most treasured cafés in the city. Since 1970, the cash-only coffee shop in the Mile End has been brewing authentic, purist Italian espresso. The owner’s dedication to tradition confirms that the café still uses the same coffee recipe from when it first opened. Caffé San Simeon sits right at the core of Little Italy. Much like Café Olimpico, those looking for milk alternatives will have to go elsewhere as Caffé San Simeon is as classic as whole milk can be.

Crew Collective & Café is located at the Royal Bank of Canada’s old command post in Montreal. Here, entrepreneurs and teleworkers rub elbows and share the old-world ambiance that Crew Collective & Café exudes. With incredible brews and stunning high-ceiling views, it has amassed a steady following.

Meanwhile, Pikolo Espresso Bar, a no-nonsense café, serves pastries from Hof Kelsten and Godley Gourmandises. It brews roasts from Microtorrefacteur Saint-Henri and Phil & Sebastian.

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Café Saint-Henri is headquartered in an industrial establishment along Jarry Park. According to Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal, the HQ is complete with a coffee lab, top-notch café bar, on-site roastery, classr0om, and greenhouses. Café Saint-Henri never disappoints when it comes to smell, kick, and taste.

When in Montreal: Three must-visit restaurants for tourists

RestaurantWhile Montreal native Enrico Frank Andreoli loves so many things about his hometown, what he adores most of all are the good restaurants and cuisines in the city. Tourists who plan on visiting the majestic Canadian city will surely be in for a treat as the area is filled with some of the most mouth-watering dishes in the world.

For today’s blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli lists three restaurants that tourists should check out when visiting Montreal.

La Binerie: Located at 4167 Rue Saint-Denis, this restaurant serves up some of the most popular dishes in the region, from tourtière to fèves au lard. However, Enrico Frank Andreoli reminds people not to miss their famed dessert, the Assiette Québécois.

L’Express : Over at 3927 Rue Saint-Denis, guests can sample probably the greatest Chicken Liver Pâté on the continent. The restaurant is one of Montreal’s most iconic establishments, and people flock over to taste the smooth, creamy, and fluffy pâté, which is dotted with pistachios.

Rotisserie Romados: Rotisserie Romados, which tourists can find at 115 Rue Rachel E, has a menu of Portuguese chicken dishes that are simply to die for. They have combo meals which people from all over Montreal line up for. Guests can either choose from the thigh or breast parts. They come with spicy sauce, a whole lot of seasoned fries, and salad, Enrico Frank Andreoli adds.

A foodie’s guide to the best bagels in Montreal

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According to Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal, tourists should not miss out on the city’s world-famous bagels. Along with the city’s love for poutine, maple syrup, and orange julep, bagels should be on a person’s must-try list. Check out this list to the best bagel places in Montreal.

St-Viateur Bagel Shop

St-Viateur Bagel Shop was the dream of Polish Holocaust survivor Meyer Lewkowitz and has been a beloved establishment in the city since 1957. Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal says that this bagel shop has been raved about by visitors from all over the world. The secret? The bagels are handmade and tossed into a wood-fired oven. Instead of feeling antsy while waiting in line, people can find satisfaction from watching the bakers make the bagel by hand.

Fairmount Bagel

This favorite bagel place was established in 1919 and has drawn long lines of locals every day. Located in Mile End, Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal says that a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese will set one up for a good ay. Formed by hand, soaked in honey water, and baked in a wooden oven, locals believe that the bagels from Fairmount are better for their sweeter taste.

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Beaubien Bagel

Enrico Frank Andreoli says that those who pass by Beaubien Street will notice the smell of freshly baked goods from the neighborhood bagel store. Compared to others, the store offers more flavors for those craving their fix. Buyers can avail flavors like onion, chocolate, and blueberry for their daily bagel. They even have a vegan selection as well as bagel sandwiches that customers can pair with their fresh coffee.

Three amazing restaurants in Montreal

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Enrico Frank Andreoli of Montreal adores all the good restaurants and cuisines in his hometown. He urges anyone who plans to visit Montreal not to leave without sampling some of the city’s culinary highlights.

For today’s blog, Enrico Frank Andreoli lists three of the restaurants he highly recommends to Montreal residents as well as tourists.

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For two years, Hélicoptère has constantly been on the lists of top restaurants in Montreal. It is high-end, but not smug. The restaurant is quite cozy, and first-time diners will be surprised to see and taste minimalistic designed, but extremely flavorful plates, prepared by the great Chef David Ollu. The restaurant can be found on 4255 Rue Ontario E, Montréal.


People can find Alep on 199 Rue Jean-Talon Est, Montréal. Enrico Frank Andreoli has said it many times before that Alep is his favorite restaurant with an exotic slant. This Villeray Syrian-Armenian establishment serves up some of the more memorable dishes tourists will ever find in Montreal, from grilled swordfish to shanklish salad to mouthwatering kebabs and their garlic sauce.


This cozy little Italian restaurant in Villeray is the brainchild of former Toqué Chef Luca Cianciulli and partner Maxime Landry. And just like Hélicoptère, Moccione was established two years ago. And just like Hélicoptère, it has built a client base because of its exquisite menu filled with some of the most exciting Italian food items with a twist, adds Enrico Frank Andreoli.

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